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Another space saver thread : )

I know this has probably been covered to death. I'm changing my e60 5 series to run flats and am on the lookout for a space saver. I know these are as rare as feck and go for about 300 euro, which in my opinion is just plain wrong.

I'm specifically looking for a space saver, I know I can get a standard full size spare and just leave it in boot, but I need boot space due to baby.

Few comments/ questions.

- my car has 17 inch tyres, could I get any old 17 inch space saver or does BMW require a special space saver ?

- I've read that some people go off and buy BMW space savers and then the feckin thing won't fit in the space saver area below the actual boot. Then they had to remove part of the linings to fit it or deflate space saver tyre. Is this true or just bad luck/ dodgy purchase ?

- bar tyre weld and 12 v pump, is there any cheaper alternative to spending up to 300 euro on these ?

- can anyone recommend any website globally to buy them from at a competitive price ?

- why the Fook don't car manufacturers just install normal tyres and give us a spare and a jack ( this is a joke, don't want an argument to start about this ; )
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