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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum but from what I've read it seems there are some knowledgeable people here so i hope someone can help.

I've purchased this cable to do some diag and coding on my 07 E90: I'll let you decide the authenticity of it...

The cable came with a cd with so after trying to get INPA and NCS working on various different current OS's with not much joy I've managed to get it working on good old XP x86 (vmware). The USB driver is installed and working and I am able to get the two black dots.

Although the first black dot (battery) comes on when the USB cable is connected to the laptop so not sure if that's supposed to happen. I do then get the second black dot when the cable is connected to the car with the Ignition on,

Once in INPA i only get as far as the 'Script selection' box, so for example if i select E90 then 'Functional Jobs' i get the "Error compiling script file !" message box.

INPA is v5.0.2

I am a tech engineer so not afraid of getting my hands dirty, Please help?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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