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I put this in Bart's thread over in the showroom, but just sticking it here for reference as well...


Bart's E30 M3 was one of the tougher paint corrections that I have had for a number of reasons. The curves, contours and very sharp corners on the body combined with a hard and detailer-resistant paint made for a challenging correction. There were already a number mis-haps that some previous person with a rotary inflicted on the paint so I could tell that it needed some serious, proper attention and TLC.

On with the detail.... started off with a good cleaning of the trim and those superb wheels...

Okay, then it got the full paint detox, tar removal and clay treatment. You don't need photos of that....;)

Afterwards, it was gently towel dried and compressed air used to blow out all the crevices and gaps...

Under the lights inside, I got a better idea of the damage...

Being a very rich red, I used all 3500 watts of lighting on the paint, including halogens and metal halides.

Polishing: Gtechniq P1 & Lake Country Orange Pad on the Orbital Rotary to keep the heat down.
Finishing: Gtechniq P2 on Lake Country Black Pad on the regular Rotary
Protection: RMP Crystal Diamond Glaze applied with Orbital Rotary Polisher, simultaneously cured with a heat gun for extra layering.

Pity there was no sunshine, but what a great car regardless of the Irish weather! I didn't do anything with the interior but here are a few photos to show the unusual trim design for the E30 M3.

Thanks Ronan.


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love it!!

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