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I've got a bmw 320d
2006 110,000 miles .

I'm getting a traction light flashing on the motorway and only on the motroway .
I've changed
Both rear relecutor rings .
Also both rear wheel speed sensors
And I'm still getting this problem
The issue is resolved when I press DTC button but reappesrs when I unpress button.

I'm out of ideas now .it's very frustrating .
No error codes are showing when connected to odb reader
And the car drives fine day to day ...
However Can't use the motorway...
Flashing traction light means the speed is effected when it flashes and power goes ...

Help please

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Impossible to say without inspecting car.
If you've everything done correctly it might be a DSC software update required.

1. Were old rings expanded?
2. You fit genuine sensors?
3. Get it scanned with Autologic or ISTA+?
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