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BMW 520d 2006

My father owns a 2006 BMW 520d with 100,000 miles on the clock.

He left it sitting for a few years, so for father's day I replaced the battery and replaced the flat Tyers. I put some oil in the engine and with some trepidation pushed the start button.

She fired and was driving well. Occasionally I'd take it out for a little drive. The other day it stalled and won't start again.

When I push the start button nothing happens. It doesn't even attempt to fire. The on board computer warns me that the next push of the button will start the engine. But. Clutch down. Push. Nothing...

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a troubleshoot list of where to begin diagnosing the problem.

There's no errors reported with our OBD reader which I find hard to believe. Cheap reader.. Will try again.

At the moment were going to check all the fuses and replace the battery in the key which is indicating low on the dash.

All advice nó matter how trivial appreciated.

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