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Hi all
New to the group. Was looking some help regarding electrical issues I've be having with my 5 series.
The heads up display, heater/air con, reversing camera, Rdc system are all flickering on and off as if there is a power supply issue.I have taken the car to an electrical "specialist" he checked all wiring for corrosion to these components and rebooted the cars systems. This fixed the problem for about 24 hours then the problems returned.
I then took the car to a guy that specialises in BMWs and he also couldn't solve the problem. He had stated that there is clear perfect communication between the cars systems and these components and that he had removed each components wiring individually to see if one was causing the problem but to no avail.
I also changed the battery after the battery is draining when stationary warning came on but this made no difference
Would appreciate any help at all, I'm by no means a car fanatic and the increased electrics in cars hasn't helped my case
Thanks Jamie
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