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Hi all.

Just want to start off by saying I’m a proper noob and although I love to think I’m a car buy I shiver when a problem arises LOL.

I am having rather major trouble with my beloved e63 635d which I have owned for 5 years now.

I recently had the alternator changed only 2 months ago and since a new battery and still problems are occurring.

So when I went out to start the car 1 week ago the fan came on at high speed and the car would not go into any gea and it was stick in park as it’s automatic and there were no lights on the gear selector.

After fault codes 4be3, 4be8, 4df3, d358 are wiped it starts and goes as normal until the engine is cold so usually an overnight job. There is no bad shifting when it’s started and goes as it should. Had it with an auto electrician for one week and he determined it is the gear shifter as when he hit the gear shifter by hand, the lights came back on and went onto gear as normal and fault codes on dash disappeared.

Now that i have the car back I decided to disconnect the gear lever tab to check if it’s a bad wire but it starts as normal and even goes into any gear even park but just the lights don’t illuminate.

Safe to say I am stumped. Has anyone had any problems like this.?
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