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Hi folks!

I'm looking to buy a 3 series coupe BMW in the near future. I'm not too worried about which model to be honest but i am looking for a good deal :D

The ideal car would be a reasonably priced 320cd (03-04). With under 125k miles. However I have no problem buying a petrol either although I would be expecting to pay less.

-m-sport spec is preferred
-full leather preferred
-facelift front bumper (to be honest im not sure what to call it! but you probably understand)
-has to be under 125k miles, would be ideal if it was under 100k
-year isnt important to me, I would probably go back as old as 2000 for a good deal. Ideally it would be 2003 onwards
-Engine size no greater than 2.5
-Tax optional
-NCT a must before purchase

Price range is quite wide..I would be willing to spend between E2,000 and E7,000...allthough this could be possibly increased if I think its a good deal!!

My ideal budget would be around the 5,000 euro mark

Let me know if you have a car that fits this discription (sorry I know its pretty wide!!!). I'm based in Galway at the moment but will be in mayo and limerick over the next few months.


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hi, i have a 2003 reg silver 318CI for sale. It is on donedeal for sale if you want to have a look at the add. I'm based in longford and i'm looking for 3,000e for it.
It's petrol, full leather interior, does have NCT, tax is out at the end of this month.

If you are interested please let me know. Thanks
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