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100% copy of standard OEM M-POWER/M3 FENDERS for BMW E46 Coupe/M3
Made of HIGH QUALITY FIBREGLASS REINFORCED POLYMER inside and outside layers + white/grey/black gelcoat from the outside.

This part is an exact copy of the standard OEM part, so fits perfectly.
When painted, you won`t see the difference between this, and standard metal equivalent!!!

There are 2 HUUUGE ADVANTAGES using fibreglass parts.
This part weights about 1-1.2kg, so comparing to the standard is as light as a feather. Huge weight savings!

These fibreglass fenders are perfect modification whether you need a replacement part
or modifing your car for road/track use and more performance.
Because we all know that THE BEST WIGHT IS THE LIGHTWEIGHT!

Please note that this part is made to the highest standards and fits perfectly. However as with all fibreglass parts, some very minor sanding may be required on some applications. These parts come brand new, white in colour and unpainted. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery as these parts are made to order.

Price: 210 euro + 40 euro shipping
Prices include discount

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