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I've not been on here in a while, but I am moving on my E60 530d which might be of interest. I bought it from a user (CTRob?) on here, here's the original for sale thread from 2017:
BMW e60 530D with one off spec - for sale soon

I’ve owned it for 3 years. Most of the miles in my ownership have been clocked up on travelling to remote work locations, motorway runs of 300-500 miles in a day. I work in central London and commuted on public transport (pre-lockdown), and the car might get used once a fortnight for a run around the local area or to visit family about 20 miles away.

I bought it due to the spec, maintenance history and remap. Its proven a good buy for me, no breakdowns, and I’ve kept on top of the maintenance as and when needed. The 6-speed gearbox is good, it will adapt to your style and downshifts nicely and even does a bit of engine braking going downhill. There’s a downshift “button” at the end of the accelerator travel if you ever feel the need to use it. My only gripe is that it doesn’t lock up fully until around 60mph, at that speed the car is only really getting going to be honest. Handling is great for a big car like this (see dynamic drive video below to get a sense of what is going on underneath). Suspension has been refreshed by previous owner, so doesn’t drive like the mileage suggests it should. Stereo is amazing and heated everything is great in Winter, along with cooling in the front seats during Summer.

Another selling point for me at least is the old blade key that this car has. This early E60 doesn’t have the electronic key that you shove into the dash. I had an attempted theft in London where a key-cloning device was inserted into the OBD port on my previous E90.
Comparison to E90 320d sport with remap: not as tight to drive as an E90, but way better ride and comfort, way better interior & spec, more power everywhere, less wind noise.

Huge spec on it, I will try to list out the 'additional' bits over and above regular spec:
Dynamic drive (active rollbars) is phenomenally good on big bends - the car stays almost flat :
Active steering - steering ratio changes with speed
20-way comfort seats with memory – very comfortable, and good condition for the age
Front seats are heated and cooled and have a massage / pulse function
Rear seats are heated
Steering wheel is heated - surprisingly good option to have on cold winter days
Rear seats have the fold-down option (quite rare in saloons)
Harmon Kardon Logic 7 stereo upgrade, CD in dash and 6-CD changer in glovebox
Widescreen i-drive with Pro-nav (I've never used it - DVD required)
Adaptive xenon headlights (xenon bulbs replaced ~12 months ago with nightbreakers), angel eye bulbs also replaced with white canbus-compliant LEDs (hard to source)
Sunroof (tilt/slide)
Heated folding electric mirrors, also anti-dazzle chromatic lenses I think
Rear privacy blind
- head up display is about the only E60 option I’m aware of that was left unticked
Alloys changed out to 18” 540i alloys (style 124). These provide a better ride than the 19” spiders, but are the only other alloys retain the staggered setup (wider rears).
(The car in the video above has style 124 alloys on it)
Ecotune remap, to somewhere around 280 bhp, seems pretty good to me. There is an ecotune box with the car too (plugs into the OBD port).
Sport button mod which changes the throttle map and steering weight
Aux port added (socket in glovebox)
Bluetooth handsfree added & hooked into aux port (Kinovo BTC)

If you're reading the 2017 ad, I've fixed the brakes and oil sensor, put in a new alternator and a turbo a few months back it's been pretty trouble free overall. Turbo was probably OK but was starting to whine, so I got it swapped as a preventative measure.
Its had oil and filter every 8000-10000 miles (local indys and/or doing it myself).
Pilot sport 3 tyres all round, thread is OK on all 4 tyres
Swirl flaps are removed and no DPF, as far as I know it has plenty of miles in it despite being a high miler already.

Bad bits:
Active cruise control doesn't work (needs a new radar sensor in the front bumper). I've found replacement sensors on ebay, but could never find anywhere which could recalibrate the system.
Front bumper needs a respray.
Front bumper damage mentioned in 2017 is still there (where the bumper meets the undertray)
Some other battle scars around the car in keeping with age and mileage
Overspray over rear left door from a repair I had done last year
Front left alloy has a very slow air leak, goes down a few psi every month in Winter, doesn’t do it during Summer
MULF (BMW Bluetooth unit) overheats in Summer, cutting the optical circuit to stereo system. Bypass loop installed to take the Bluetooth out of the circuit.
Mileage is now 225000 miles and it's been exported so will need VRTing again. I believe NOx charge is high but I don't know the detail. Previous owner got the export refund as part of the sale, so VRT would be payable in ROI. Car is located in London, and has MOT until May 2021.

Looking for around the €2k mark for a quick sale, and open to offers.
Sadly, due to diesel vilification in the UK, and NOx charges when importing to Ireland, this is probably an ideal candidate for breaking or as a donor car.
I’m looking to move it on during September, so will advertise it elsewhere in a week or two. I can keep it taxed to allow for a ferry run back to Ireland in return for a paypal deposit.
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