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Hi all, i am have a BMW F30 2015 Efficient Dynamics Auto Diesel Model

i recently swapped all my headlight bulbs to LED bulbs (DLRS, parking and H7). The bulbs where bought from MCK Auto having been told that there would be no Canbus errors/issues with iDrive recognizing the bulbs. However, this is not the case and now i get "Dipped beam right failure" message on my dashboard and IDrive. anyone know how i can fix this? does it need coding? Also, the bulbs are now starting to flicker, which is getting annoying, but i wanted to know whether or not this issue will cause any serious damage to my headlight units/wiring/electric board etc

If anyone has the same model F30 as me and has LED bulbs without any errors, please forward these to me.

I am a novice, so any help would be much appreciated

Thanks :)
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