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Can you guys tell me what are the differences between the Professional Navigation and Business Navigation Systems, in addition to the difference in the siza of the screen?

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Hi John, on the F10, both are Hard Drives, there is no CD/DVD in the player.

I've used both, and I think the software is the same.

On the Business Nav (smaller 7") you can only have one view of the map or menu at any one time (eg. Map North, Map Direction of Travel, 3D View, Radio stations),

Where as on the Pro Nav (bigger 10.2"), you can have two views (split view) of the map at any one time, (eg a combination of Map North and/or Map Direction and/or 3D View) along with having the option for the Radio menu onscreen.

There may be other small differences I don't know about.


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Ok let me clarify.

Business navigation systems on the E6x/e9x...(Called CCC)

- 2D navigation only (arrows) with dark background. No map view.
- MP3 capable
- 1 DVD drive (navigation disk data or audio cd or mp3 cd)
- Not possible to play movies from the DVD drive.
- Screen size: 6.6"
- Screen resolution 640x240

Professional navigation systems on the E6x/e9x...(Called CCC)

- 2D/3D view. Full map view.
- MP3 capable.
- 1 DVD drive for navigation.
- 1 CD drive for audio or MP3 cd.
- Not possible to play movies from the DVD drive.
- Screen size: 8.8"
- Screen resolution 640x240

Professional and Business navigation systems on the F series or late e6x, e8x (2009+ models) (Called CIC)

- Same general differences in terms of navigation than the previous systems (CCC). You do see the actual map on the Business version.
- Much nicer interface.
- USB port standard in the glove box for updating the maps (On earlier CIC software level, maps are uploaded through the DVD drive).
- Internal 80GB hard drive to store maps, some operating system files, a dedicated partition for storing music (12GB depending on the software level, came in as 8GB initially).
- 1 DVD drive (Music, Movies etc)
- More optional components (Internet browsing etc)
- Screen resolution 1280x480
- Professional unit screen size is about 9.9" if I remember correctly?
- Business units are smaller too, about 6-7"

More info on the CIC Information Computer_web.pdf

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well thats confusing....

Reading through whats been posted about different systems I am still at a loss as to what I have.
Car is a 2007 x3, has the screen on top of the dash, has no usb or bluetooth, looks like its a cd in the head unit which has two knobs, volume and the right hand one is the menu item selector, in the boot is a hdd nav unit.

in the map mode it looks like it has 3d maps and split screen modes. the diagnostic menu gives the following info which I can't find anywhere on the net;
navi Ver 5.00
map Ver 4.40
Apl Ver 5.00
kernel ver 00.37.00
CNS2 Ver 01.01.00

any help anyone?
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