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The aux heating failed on my 171 330e last month and I had the aux heater replaced by a BMW Indy specialist.

I picked the car up last Friday and all seemed fine until last night when I got a "battery not charging" warning. I pulled in, ran diags and cleared the codes. The car was running fine and the hybrid battery was charging ok so I kept going. Then close to home I was stopped at lights and noticed a humming noise with an unusual vibration. Almost immediately I also noticed a burning smell so I pulled in straight away and shut the car off. I ran the diags again and this time got the following - 801224 – Compressor: shutdown due to excess pressure in the refrigerant circuit.

I left the car where it was as I didn't want to cause any more damage and i'll get it towed to a mechanic later today.

Is it possible that these faults are as a result of the repair last week as i've had some doubts about the garage and won't bring it back to them if there's likely to be a link.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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