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Good cars. There are plenty of base SE models around. People seem to be sending them for scrap or breaking them for money. Very reliable cars. Strong engines if they haven't been abused. Engine repairs costly. Look for models with limited slip diff. As these cars are heavy. Good second hand trim parts very rare. BMW Seem slow to start making new spares when you enquire.
Be wary of the body work. Jacking points, behind the front wings were they attach to the body, rear wheel arches and the bottom of the doors, bottom of the boot lid and the over hang above the number plate and behind the rear bumper seal were it meets the body work. The mounts for the fuel tank bands can get corroded. Aluminium trim on the under body and behind the bumpers corrode. Check under the hood behind head lamps, and where the front slam assembly meets the chassis, lift the trim wear the front wiper mechanism is located and check.
Body work repairs are timely and should be handled with care as the metal is thin.
Other than that happy motoring.
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