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Advertising for a friend. He has an e36 318i touring for breaking.

Car was a drift car with an m50b20 engine. Complete interior is stripped out so nothing left from interior really. Some cunt decided to come into the yard few nights ago and decided that the windows in the car were in his way for some reason and smashed in all windows except for the rear boot lid glass. If i remember correctly most panels are still good on it except for nose cone and passenger side wing, front bumper is sold and rear boot lid had some rust on it. Can take pictures etc for any parts that someone might be interested in.

Complete m50b20 with all auxilarys, ecu, manual gearbox clutch and flywheel - 350 euro
All panels - 40 each
Window regulators - 25 each
Complete rear subframe with disc brakes - 100 or 150 with welded diff and half shafts
Front calipers - 40 each
Rolling shell with logbook ( suit drift car only tbh ) - Price depending on what bits are wanted with it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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