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E39 M5 Philip Cork

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Some quick pics of the M5 which I bought in May


List to do and in no order as such...

Small dent on door to be sorted out and front bumper respray
Pixel dash display to be fixed, not bad but common problem on E39's
Upgrade from 4:3 to 16:9 TV and also nav to MK4
Ipod/Iphone install (Intravee more than likely) as have Parrot currently
Clutch/flywheel in the next few months along with supersprint exhaust and x pipe
Leather repair on drivers bolster and general treatment of leather
Upgrade rear lights to 02 and change interior lights to LED and number plate
Upgrade xenon lights

So far, I have got my oil sorted for the next two services & top ups in between in a group buy. Ordered new interior titan dash trim, OEM mat set, splash guards to replace broken ones under front bumper and various other small pieces to clean car up. Stuck on some German plates and BMW driver surrounds (Cheers Ken!). Thanks to Warren (Manlord) for car cover and well worth investment as have dirty birds in my driveway!! (Swallows!)

Full service history stamped book from new with a stack of paperwork including MOTs/NCT and main dealer receipts also. Very well minded by previous owner with two local BMW indys in Cork.

Cheers to Martin and Richie for advice on M5 ownership and looking forward to it!
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man this car is pure porn:D

best m-powered Bm ever made
5.0 v8 plus 6spd manual tranny:cool:
my dream car
like it a lot
love the car :)
let me know how you get on with the bolster repair, i need to get over to cartronics for mine and wondering how much hassle / time is involved
That's a class car, it used to be always parked out on the Western Road, I used to see that car pretty much every weekday as I'd be going into town in the evenings to get home.

Didn't have the German plates last time I saw it though:cool:.
tastey beast love these cars
Cheers lads!

Ya Eobrien spot on!

Previous owner works in UCC and I stuck on German plates the first week I got it.
Beauty Philip....very ideal car! ;) :D

By any chance is your on board computer reading and outside temp of -40? My old 523 did and I believe the sensor is in one of the two splash guards under the front bumper...usually breaks too, if they get broken!

Best of luck with the beast! ;)
As far as I know Curran its working fine!

Have ordered new splash guards from dealer and hoping to fit this weekend
Great to see you finally got the M5 Philip, I remember you always said you wanted one once you sold the 530d.

Best of luck with it! ;)
Cheers RPG!

Yep sold the 530d exactly two years ago this month and stuck it out for M5. Had been tempted at a Z3M roadster in the meantime and decided naaa!! Kids cannot sit on roof racks on the boot!!

M5 is the weekend car as drive van for miles/diesel during the week so will be keeping miles low etc

When I got the 530d, it had 128k and ended up selling it with 155k and see that its for sale again
The 530d was a sweet motor too!! Great colour!
What year was it? Probably has a fair few miles on it now! Bit steep for my liking!
Estoril blue is my favourite colour on a BMW!

The 530d is 2001 and has a nice short reg with it 01 D 888

I bought it for 15,950, put new clutch/flywheel/remap along with usual servicing/tyres and got bumper done after stone chips etc

Sold it 2 years ago for 13,750 and had 154-155k miles on it

Price is on the high side considering 03 e39 530d are making 6.5k
Well done Philip, they are such a great car. Seen this car in the flesh and it is a very clean car for the year.

You won't be disappointed with the supersprint exhaust, it’s the only mod I have done to the m5 so far but that is about to change

How many M5's is that now on the forum?
As far as I know on the forum for owners of M5's....

Autoremap (Martin)
Philip Cork

Anyone else?
Looks amazing philip.

As previously said................pure automotive porn;)

Glad you are happy with the cover. Lets hope the swallows dont go bananas or you will be doing alot of washing.................did you ever try hanging one on a standard line:D :D

Car cover washing lines now in stock:D :p
i also have an m5 philip:)
also in cork but down i beara. faor play on buying it..think this was the one a friend of mine was lookin at!!was bought for a good price if it is the same one;)
1 - 20 of 816 Posts
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