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Have a 01 32D E46, 185K on the clock. I've had the car for nearly 10 years and never noticed it being overly smokey, certainly not in comparison to my missus 05 Passat which will happy belch a black cloud every now and again on acceleration.
I thought it was a fraction slow to start over the last month or so and almost like it was a slight struggle to turn over.
It has also started to smoke more than normal, sometime you get a small puff on startup and then occasionally on hard acceleration.

Smoke appears to be a grey\blackish, I also notice that the oil is much blacker than I expected mid service, I've often noted during a service that the oil seemed like it could be left for longer but not this occasion. Car is serviced every 10k Km and I've regularly changed the turbo breather. EGR was cleaned relatively recently too. I don't appear to be using oil or coolant, certainly not at an appreciable level.

Its due a full service before NCT in new year but would be gutted if something major went that I didn't anticipate.

Thoughts or suggestions appreciated

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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