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The Cd on my OEM head unit is not working. It thinks there is a CD in there but there isnt. Has anyone had this fault before? Can it be fixed?

If not can you recommend a good head unit to replace it - something with similar style and backlight colours - ie Red/Amber?

Hoping to not spend more than €150 - €200


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as john said try and fix or get it fixed, any head unit you replace the oem one with they never look rite, as you have to get a facia surround to fill the gap left in the dash, and the after market unit gets pushed off center in your dash n looks awful...

if your going down the road of after market Marlow has a thread on here about a double din unit also can be had for the e46... ill have a search for you

this will give you an example of whats out there....

and here
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