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Hi Guys,

So a while ago I bought a MFSW for my E46.
I had heard that it was a simple matter of plug and play so I popped it on but, alas, no joy.

I've been looking around on-line for guides on how to get it working and there is an abundance of threads on many forums but a lot of them had contradicting posts.

Anyway here are the details of my car and what I did in case anyone is thinking of doing it and wondering will it work.

BMW E46 SE 320D 2001 REG m47 Engine.
production month/year: 03/2001

it has the 'fly by wire' throttle not the servo assisted cable one.

I have the old three spoke MFSW with the triangular air bag. but I don't think this matters much.

Basically when I took my air bag out I saw that there was two small looms.
one going from audio buttons to cruise control buttons and another going from cruise control buttons to the top of the slip ring

the guides I used were:


I bought the part on-line:

this was the only part I needed.

its a simple enough job, takes about 2 hours.
I had thought that I'd only get the cruise control buttons to work but to my surprise the audio ones work now as well :)

No coding needed :)

As I've said this D.I.Y is readily available on-line I just wasn't sure it would work with my car. So if any one has a similar build spec and age you should be fine.

the main thing is that the car has to have the fly by wire throttle not the servo cable type.

hope this is of some help to someone.

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Hi Tony,

that sounds about right to me.

Does the wheel you got have the two small looms from audio buttons to cruise control buttons and from cruise control buttons to top of slip ring?

no harm ringing a dealer with the last 8 digits of your vin and seeing if you have the right throttle set up (fly by wire, not servo assisted cable)
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