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I fitted a 5000K HID kit about 6 weeks ago and it was working perfectly up until last week when I turned the lights on and only the passenger side lit up. (This happened when I first got the kit, it would sometimes take 2/3 flicks of the lights from off to on to get it working as it would throw up a blown bulb code but I got that coded out and they were working fine for weeks). Anyway no amount of turning the headlights on/off would get the driver side bulb to light up.

I contacted the guy I bought the kit of and he sent me out a replacement ballast and bulb. Fitted those and still the problem was still there. After some more researching online it was suggested I may need a wiring harness to supply equal power to both ballasts. Bought and fitted one and still only the passenger side would light up.

I figured it might be because the kit I bought was relatively cheap (€35) and maybe a more expensive/durable kit would work. Bought one last week and fitted it today and now instead of the passenger side lighting up, both bulbs just constantly flicker and don't light up properly.

I'm at my wits end here. Has anyone any ideas before I just stick the shite halogens back in?

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