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Decided to post this as losing the will to live with my 2010 635D. I've had it about a 2 years and unfortunately I've had a problem on a wobble/shake on the car from day 1. Initially I thought it was a wheel balance problem.
It appears at a speed of about 60mph. I've had the car in with a few BMW specialists, as well as Joe Duffys BMW on the M50. None of them could diagnose what the issue was and suggested a number of changes which I had done
This included having the wheels balanced and aligned ( about 5 times now)changing the two front upper and lower control arms. I've had brand new tires put on all 4 wheels and recently I borrowed a smaller set of 6 series alloys and that actually seem the make the wobble worse. Joe Duffy suggested that a new steering rack was needed at a cost of €3,500:shocked:, while someone else said it could be the gearbox.
The vibration can be felt in the front two seats and a small shake in the steering wheel. any thoughts or suggestions of where or who might be the best people might be to look at this would be really appreciated.
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