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Hi all

I'm new here but my question is simple (as am I)

Description:120d E87 SH AUT RL M47/T2 EUR
Production Date:16.06.2006

Have paid local garage £60 to diagnose issues and narrowed it down to ABS Module (internal fault)
They were very helpful

Bought used part on ebay for £20odd , fitted and bled brakes - all fine.

I understand the used module will have VINno from donor car and will need coding to my VIN

Purchased cable from ebay & installed Mikes BMW Tools
Set up correctly (com port 1 etc...)

SW sees cable but I now understand my cable doesn't do Diesels!!

Can anyone recommend a USB cable which is known to work on DIESEL E87?

I dont need help setting up software (i am a programmer and I know that side is fine :)

Many thanks
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