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E90 320d M-Sport, remapped, PX - w.h.y.?

Here's my E90 up for sale:

Factory M-Sport 320d, sparkling graphite, Alcantara/Silver interior, Manual
M-Sport spec includes alcantara sports seats, exterior lighting pack, sport suspension, fatter steering wheel, stubby gearknob, bodykit etc.
Remapped to ~200 bhp (Autoremap)
The "big 3" have been done (clutch, DMF, turbo)
Engine is deflapped, and CDV is removed (this improves the clutch response)
Non RFTs fitted, comes with spare wheel, jack, and roof bars
145,000 miles
fresh NCT, also has current MOT

Parkers review says it all :

This car has the M47 engine (163 bhp), in standard form, 0-60 in 8 seconds, 140 mph top speed, 153g CO2/km.
Estimated figures with the remap are 200 bhp, 0-60 in around 7s, it feels very similar in power to the 530d I had previously.
The M47 engine does NOT have the camshaft problems that are now being seen with the later N47 engine (177 bhp, stop start).

The car is driving very well, with no knocks, clunks, or rattles. Everything works, and all maintenance has been carried out either as required or on a preventative basis. I have a file with receipts or stamps for all the below work, plus other bits and pieces I bought for the car.

Service Details:
miles date
0 20.02.2007 pre delivery check
21204 04.12.2007 oil and filter change
36604 24.06.2008 vehicle check and microfilter
47043 28.10.2008 oil and filter change
64635 14.04.2009 brake fluid, rear brakes
70124 20.06.2009 oil and filter change

I purchased it at this point:
85146 30.12.2009 clutch replaced, oil change, front brakes, rear brakes, microfilter
85791 26.02.2010 oil change (flush), end of warranty inspection, crankcase breather filter
89815 23.07.2010 CDV removed, codes read, glow plugs 1, 3, and 4 codes reset
92000 07.09.2010 4 new tyres, Bridgestone RE050 non-runflats, wheel alignment
92306 20.10.2010 swirl flaps removed and blanked, 4 glow plugs replaced
92500 19.11.2010 remapped
95000 22.06.2011 flywheel (DMF) replaced
96503 19.07.2011 turbo, oil & filter, air filter, microfilter all replaced
103403 12.05.2012 UK MOT completed, now on UK plates (can be re-registered to IRL plates, NO VRT is due)
104291 29.06.2012 oil and filter changed
104300 02.07.2012 attempted theft, OBD port deleted (reversible - PM for details)
110242 31.08.2012 MAF replaced, EGR cleaned, air filter changed, vehicle check
112681 29.09.2012 Diesel filter replaced
116884 14.11.2012 oil and filter changed, upgraded front seat subwoofers
129134 16.04.2013 oil and filter changed
130000 13.05.2013 interior swapped out for sport interior with split folding rear seats
136789 11.07.2013 Diagnostic scan, fuel filter changed, blue relay changed
140525 08.09.2013 oil and filter changed
141000 18.09.2013 EGR valve changed
143900 23.12.2013 air filter & pollen filter changed


Needs nothing, and I'm only selling as I'm now based in the UK and could use a big diesel estate.

High res pics:[email protected]/sets/72157627441357842/

PM me, or reply on thread if interested.


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Nice looking E90 with an interesting Spec.
My fav E90 colour too


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thanks BigH, thats the service details alright.

Nasah the deflapping made very little difference. Very very slightly rougher idle I think, but absolutely worth it for peace of mind - even though there was a redesign for the 163 bhp engines which reduce the likelihood of the problem occurring.

The CDV removal makes the clutch much more responsive, kind of like a normal clutch actually. Its slightly less comfortable (more jerky) until you get used to it, especially for passengers. I found with the CDV in place, I would quite often cut the car out when trying to pull out quickly from a junction into a gap in traffic - this doesn't happen any more. I also left it for a good few months after purchase before removing the CDV, as it might have been me not being used to the car.

I'd recommend doing both deflapping and CDV removal. The CDV is a handy job to get put back in again.

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Bump - now re-registered in the UK and on yellow plates again,
MOT done for 12 months, and taxed in UK for 12 months.
(there is no VRT due on this car if it is put back on Irish plates)

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Car is still for sale, price reduced to €9500

Service history updated, mileage now just over 145,000 miles. Car is going in for NCT next week.

Spec summary :
- engine is remapped, and swirl flaps and CDV removed, running great, and serviced very regularly.
- split folding rear seats installed (optional extra), interior has about 60k miles on it and in very good condition
- upgraded subwoofers under front seats, and ipod cable connection in centre console
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