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E39 / E60 for my sins
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I was considering an E91 estate (have a 525D 2005) with the N43 engine - seems to have some service history - at 150k miles

I have done some research and they can be quite problematic - ( as all cars unless regularly serviced and maintained)

Any tips on what to check - I would check the normal items / oil / how it drives on the road - I think the rear diff is noisy and I dont mind that sort of work..

Usual suspension issues / shocks / drop links / ball joints / brakes etc not too concerning and all doable

Its the engine I am focused on ( its a 6 speed manual) and at 150,000 miles I am assuming the clutch has been done

Any guidelines - or should I walk away ie MONEYPIT job

Thanks in advance


Update - looked at the car, and decided to walk away... I will stick with the 525D..
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