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Been looking for a replacement for my R53 Mini Cooper S for a few months now - requirement was something with with more space to ferry 2 kids (6 & 7) and enough boot space for their kit (mostly footballs, hurleys and scooters) - I also want something with pace, reasonably cool and refined. I've looked at E70 X5, E6X 630/635d, E9X 330/335/335d, A7 and Q7 among others. I know it's a crazy mix but that's the problem - I'm not exactly sure what I want.

Until today - took an E92 335D in Cameron Cars for a test drive and it ticks a lot of boxes - the outright speed is ridiculous, it's refined (very tight for a 10yr old car), it's still a cool car and there's enough space for the kids and their kit.

I've read a lot about these cars (and all the others) over the past few months but I wanted to check with the local experts - outside possible issues with carbon build up/EGR/DPF is there anything else I should be aware of that is specific to these cars? I had EGR replaced and swirl flap blanking plates fitted to my E90 by Conor at Courtney.

I'm planning to put a deposit tomorrow so any/all feedback very welcome
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