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I've recently had the DPF light come on in my 2011 E90 318D and managed to get a short fix and have the car do a re-gen multiple times and seems to have cleared the DPF. But upon getting a water pump replaced shortly after, I've seen a frightening amount of soot build up in the air intake / EGR valve which means that it has reached inside the valves etc also. Unfortunately, my mechanic is too busy to pull the engine apart and clean out as much of this soot as is possible.

I was wondering if anyone here would recommend someone to give to the car to, to clean all clogged up parts affected from this issue, preferably in the Dublin region?

The symptoms at the moment are:

The car is jumping revs on idle when stopped at lights and I fear the EGR is not operating as it should due to this build-up. The car does not feel right to accelerate either, again I put it down to this dangerous clogging up of soot.

I often get a smell of exhaust in the cabin when starting the car, comes and goes then throughout a drive.

Any help or advice is appreciated
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