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Decided to fit the toolbox to the CSL lid tonight in between ad breaks on Nip/Tuck!

Heres some photos...mainly for Richies attention!

I wedged out the threaded insert from the old lid with a screwdriver.

I then cut out a piece of mdf into which I cut fit the insert.

This didn't need to be too neat - just needed it to support the insert. I glued the insert into place then using superglue.

I then took out the trusty isopon, and built up the sides of the mdf to be flush with the insert. I also flushed off the bottom, so that there was a relatively large surface area to come in contact with the bootlid.

Cleaned this up a bit, not too much though - as I carpeted it...Just used spray contact adhesive.

I used the same adhesive on the back of the carpet, and secured it into the bootlid. The toolbox screwed in first time - looks perfect. No photo of it at the moment though - its a bit dark out!!

Am, well happy, its beginniing to get finished off - just the reg lights and screws for the reg plate needed now.
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