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Hard starting

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I'm not familiar with the formality on how this forum works. The other day I went on it for first time & I was lucky to chat with someone.
2006 530i. Automatic. It seems to be a fuel issue, when cycling the key, at times I don't feel the relay clicking. The owner had the ign.sw.& key cylinder replaced cause key was popping out. I was able to get the car running by cycling the key on & off several times & then push the ign.sw on. It starts & runs. I did this 8 times yesterday & it started all the time. The owner washed the car parked overnite,overnight, out to start it in the morning it would just crank. Finally after 5 times cycling the key it started, ran rough. Does the key cylinder or switch need programming to the vehicle? Can someone help me plrase
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