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High spec e39 520

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I am selling a BMW E39 520 automatic.

High Spec, with low mileage.

Silver in colour,

2.0l petrol,

Automatic gearbox,

Runs beautifully,

Low mileage, just 120,000 KM,

Mint alloy wheels with good tyres all round,

Dual zone climate control,

Air conditioning,

6cd changer,

Electric Windows,

Electric Mirrors,

Electric Seats,

Full leather interior,

With memory function seats and mirrors,

It was imported from Singapore a few years back, so it is completely rust-free and is very well equipped.

Car is in very good condition inside and out.

Looking for €1295,

Call or text anytime.

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Wondering about the NCT and tax are they out if so when, Cheers
Nope, No tax or Nct.
jaysus , when I read the cars description I was expecting too see sumthing decent , then I saw a fairly poor e39

I mean come on like "high spec"
This thread has had 19 replies. 2 of them were enquiries about the car. Get a life. It is not a "fairly poor e39", it is a very nice example. This is why I hardly go on this site anymore. I believe some individuals joined this site just to complain about other member's cars.
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Has it NCT now?
No, if its not sold in the next few weeks it will be nctd and the price will go up.
No, if its not sold in the next few weeks it will be nctd and the price will go up.
you joking about price going up?
you joking about price going up?
It's highs spec and fully loaded so it'll sell quickly. Just need to be donedeal'd :rolleyes:
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21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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