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I've been offered a group opportunity of the BlackVue DR400G HD In-Car camera. Can be used as a normal dash or for track days etc....

The camera comes with a 12 month warranty.

The camera retails at £250 in the UK - you can get it cheaper on Ebay but by the time you pay for shipping and customs its up at something like €260 to bring one it, plus you really have fe*k all come back if there are any problems with the camera.

Anyway I was speaking to the authorised reseller of BlackVue in the UK and they offered a group buy.

The group buy is as follows:

20 units £199
50 units £169

Shipping to Dublin (Insured TNT 2-3 days)

20 units £44.65 (£2.23 per unit)
50 units £78.21 (£1.56 per unit)

I reckon we could do a bit better on the price if we had the interest. I'm probably going to see if there is any interest on this on too as they all seem to be fairly keen on dash cams over there.

Personally I think the 50 units price is a cracking deal.

There's enough interest I'll go back and try and beat them down on the price. Although I compared the price to other group buys and I think we'd be doing fairly good on the price.

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