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For 2% more money, you can get a car that uses less petrol, is faster, more comfortable, meaner-looking, and lighter than the best BMW's in-house tuners could come up with.

According to BMWCar, who reviewed the BMW M3 and the Alpina B3 side-by-side, the Alpina variant would be a better choice than the M-tuned car BMW sells from its own showrooms. It is only £1,100 more expensive than the £61,755 BMW M5, too.

For one thing, the world-famous BMW tuners Alpina need only a V8 engine match the power output of the BMW M3's V10. 2 fewer cylinders, 600cc less displacement, and 14 less horsepower nonwithstanding, the Alpina makes it to 60mph at the same time, but continues on to 195 mph. The BMW M5 is electronically limited at 155mph.

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