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Hello everyone,

I already introduced my self in another thread and here I would like to introduce my car , which my GF bought me for my 30th B-day :)

It's E39 530i from 2001 with Mpack but I just call her Blackadder :)
I'm the 2nd owner.
Before the 1st owener bought the car it was a display car in Murphy&Gunn (according to seller "Beshoff Motors" in Howth, checked history with Gards and M&G owned it for 6 months or so).
I bough the car with 49k miles on the clock and FSH (most BMWSH).

As I was very supsicious about the milage I had it checked at NCT DB and with different kind of car software for BMW (INPA , DIS and other ).
Everything was according to the history :) I think that at some point i'll bring to BMW dealer to check it profesionaly.

Alloys - BMW Style 32 18 inch, front 8 inch 235/40, back 9 inch 265/35 tyres are from 2005 and I passed NCT on them not 2 months ago :))


Type Value
VIN WBADT62090CE67215
Type code DT62
Type 530I (EUR)
E series E39 ()
Series 5
Type LIM
Steering RL
Doors 4
Engine M54
Displacement 3.00
Power 170
Drive HECK
Transmission AUT
Upholstery STANDARDLEDER/SCHWARZ (N6SW) 2001-09-27


Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
S249A MULTI-FUNCTION FOR STEERING WHEEL Multifunction f steering wheel
S302A ALARM SYSTEM Alarm system
P337A M SPORTS PACKAGE M Sports package
S339A SATIN CHROME Shadow-Line
S403A GLAS ROOF, ELECTRIC Glass roof, electrical
S428A WARNING TRIANGLE Warning triangle and first aid kit
S434A INTERIOR TRIM Interior surface aluminium
S441A SMOKERS PACKAGE Smoker package
S473A ARMREST, FRONT Armrest front
S534A AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING Automatic air conditioning
S694A PREPARATION FOR CD CHANGER Provisions for BMW 6 CD changer
S705A M SPORT SUSPENSION II M sports suspension II
S710A M LEATHER STEERING WHEEL M sports steering wheel, multifunction

Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
S715A M AERODYNAMICS PACKAGE M Aerodynamics package
S785A WHITE DIRECTION INDICATOR LIGHTS White direction indicator lights
S788A M LT/ALY WHEELS BMW LA wheel, Individual
S818A MAIN BATTERY SWITCH Battery master switch
S915A BODY SKIN CONSERVATION, DELETION Omission of outer-skin preservation
S925A SHIPPING PROTECTION PACKAGE Dispatch protection pack

Standard equipment

Code Description (interface) Description (EPC)
S202A STEPTRONIC Steptronic
S520A FOGLIGHTS Fog lights
S661A RADIO BMW BUSINESS Radio BMW Business (C43)
S853A LANGUAGE VERSION ENGLISH Language version, English

Few pictures before I bought it (CZ):

Few things I had to do on the very beginning
-left indicator was broken
-seal on the drivers door
-one back tyre 265 was on the 8inch wheel and 235 was on 9 inch wheel - "almost" German style -swaped them
-badges needed replacement
-buy Nokia phone for the phone set that is arleady installed

There was more stuff I wanted to do straight away plus some other stuff I though of doing preventively.
In the end I did most of the stuff I wanted but in pieces, due to "financial crisis" , "property bubble" and "global warming" :).

Few more pictures:

I hit 50k

PS. Temp in F is just me playing with car soft :)

First thing I did I bought "service box" from BMW and changed:
-spark plugs from Bosh (in box)
-air filter (in box)
-pollen filter (in box)
-tried with T-cut to get the black out of the lack ( wasnt bad but thought I will get better results)
-then I also tried ICE WAX from Turtle ,wasnt impressed either
-cleaned leather and plastic,washed carpets and windows

After shoping:

Few pictures on the job
Spark plug socket , no 2 is missing a bit

..found it

Inner wheel arch covers need replacement:

As the lighter and storing part didn't look well I replaced it
1 hour work but it was worth it :)



At around same time I changed oil(Castrol Edge 5w-30), oil filter ,discs and pads front and back plus break fluid.
After shoping:

Old discs:

New ones:

Oil wasn't changed for 2 years, same for oil filter - here is what I took out
and here is what was left in the car...

...and some here...(took time before everything was out)

Of course you have to get clean after work:

Few weeks after I bought the car it started be very inresponsive and used to much fuel imo
Camshaft sensor was faulty (which also resolved the problem with starting- it didn't started straightaway-there was some delay).
Bought the sensor and repalced it.
Blackadder was again back in form and consumption went down to "normal" levels :)

Average 30 mpg what I got when driving M1,M50 and N4, M4 with moderate speed which was a success with my previous 520i ;)


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thats not all...

But thats not all , next delivery

On pict.:
- door seal - changed
- CCV -changed
- cylinder head cover
- oil filter housing gasket - changed
- air channel - changed
- oil temperature sensor -changed
- thermostat -changed
- waterpump - changed
- emblems for trunk bonnet and alloys - changed
- other stuff

While replacing CCV oil filter housing gasekt was also repalced allong with thermostat, waterpump, belts and tensioner
Again all parts in the trunk

Waterpump had to go:

Thermostat had to go

Tensioner had to go:

Alternator had to... stays :)

Tensioner INA (same company that produces OEM part )- unfortunatelly not available at BMW dealer :-/

Hole after removing waterpump...

...oil guide tube...


here is DISA from M54B30 (bit bigger than the one for B22 or B25)

Both waterpump and thermostat installed:

@ work...

Oil filter housing was leaking ...somehwere

I gave it a good wash too:


...and again quick shower after work :)

As I counted few 20+ I decided I go to some expert in this matter to get things straigt ;)
Until now I dont see any dent on the car:

Few pictures (it wasn't possible for me to capture all)

A small gift I got - Nokia6310i - real dinozaur of phones

Just before NCT I put some tint on my windows 15%



There was a little stress but the car passed NCT the first time:



2nd service Ive done with Blackadder. 5k and one green bar after the 1st.
Replaced fuel filter on this occasion
Again 5w30 Edge from Castrol.

New plates:
Motylanoga is the nick from forum

Few pictures before the meet in Belfast from

Most of the work was done @ RK Garage in Tallaght (Rafa-mechanic used to work in AC Car Sales now called Bloomfield Garage)

For the moment thats all.

To do
*cylinder head cover
*beisan sys.
*spoiler back- someone must have stole it as there are marks on one side of the trunk (possibly screwdriver)
*new tyres all whole wheels
*bottom of the steering wheel
*gear knob
*need to take care of the driver seat as it has waer signs on the door side
*car has a lot of swirls and scratches, hope to do some detailing before Spring
*M5 mirrors

For the moment that's all I got.

Thank you for your comments

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That's a great write up, thanks for the thread. I too looked at that exact car at one stage. I am glad to see it is getting the love it deserves. You are obviously quite handy at doing the maintenance and repairs. The very best of luck with it and keep the updates coming. Where are you based?
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