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Hi all,

It's been a while. I was on this forum a lot a few years ago with my e46 which I adored. Moved onto a VW Tiguan as a family car after and to be fair to it, it's been a great one. Looking to upgrade now and I'm eyeing up an F10 (2014-16). I'm starting to research models and trim levels etc - just wondering if ye have any advice on what to look for; what model/year might be best to go for; if there are any to avoid etc?

Ideally I'd love a 3 litre diesel but they seem to be holding their value a lot better than the 2 litres. The preference would be for Dolphin Grey, sports trim, black leather interior, wide sat nav. Looking to spend circa €15-17k on the right car. In no real rush as I need to move the VW on first. Just starting the process really.

It's good to be back (hopefully)!!!

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