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Hi, I am looking for a replacement of left door mirror. My mirror is a basic pre LCI model (2006), heated, with puddle lamp and aspheric lens glass with the line.

My mirror has 3 wires only to the 4 pin plug (Red, green and brown-last one is blank) whereas those found on ebay are mainly M sport models with 4 wires to the 4 pin plug (green, brown, red and white) or other plug types. My lens heating is 2 separate wires.

1. Can the M sport mirror be fitted directly to my vehicle?
2. Will any programming be needed is the M sport mirror is fitted?
3. Can I replace one side with the M sport model and leave the other side with the old pre LCI one? (at this point of time, I just forget about the gloss / matt support ring & the puddle lamp)
4. Will the M sport mirror work on my pre LCI if the correct wiring colours are moved to the correct pin position and leaving the white wire out of the connection?

Thanks beforehand for your help.


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