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Bought a 201 G20 320d, former VAG owner. Bought off a non BMW dealer so we agreed a discount and I'd get the car serviced myself. Thankfully have a year of bmw warranty left on it from new.

Anyone know of any common problems or watch outs, any preventative maintenance items. Someone told me the services are so fixed so that you can't get the car serviced earlier than required. Coming from VAG I'd like to stick to shorter intervals of 16-20km. Save putting a strain on timing chain and other parts post warranty next year!. Any known recalls or faults with the car? Can only get talking to "admins" and "receptionists" at BMW dealers.

Due a service and really toying bringing it to main dealer or try find a reliable indie. I live literally nowhere near either. I know an indie will diagnose warranty work 10x quicker than main dealer but main dealer will never agree on warranty work without their own inspection which seems to be a case of no matter what the issue, you have to leave the car off with BMW for a full day?

I've noticed a few niggles so far so have it booked it with main dealer but tbh I really have zero confidence in them being any help. I'll see how I'm treated with getting these niggles before handing over 600e for a main service! But when I asked will they do a full diagnostic scan, all they can tell me was "oh we check the dash for any lights"......not very confidence inspiring!

Trying to get talking to anyone who actually can have an informed car chat at main dealers is like reaching the pope. Maybe there is some anoraks here that work in main dealer and can give a contact?
  • Passenger wing mirror glass has gone all cloudy (and no its not dirty:)
  • Randomly the car wouldn't unlock the other day. After some playing about with the key it worked but not confidence inspiring.
  • The auto wipers sometimes don't go back to the normal resting place after a cycle and stick mid way on screen.
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