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If you're interested in keeping your car clean, and spend any time on detailing forums - you will already know what Nano Technology is. The Car Care industry is coming up with and perfecting such a wide range of new technologies, there's no better time to be a car care enthusiast. It's pretty exciting that companies out there are coming up with new ways to increase surface gloss, improve protection and provide outstanding durability - but the aspect of Nano Technology that has impressed me most so far, is how easy they make maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Take Wolf Chemical's Body Wrap as an example, when washed with Wolf Chemical's Nano Bathe, and occasionally topped up with Reparation, it lasts for over a year. Not only that, but it maintains its sharp reflection properties and best of all - self cleaning abilities for the entire time. A practical product for those who want to keep their daily driver protected with easy and minimal maintenance. You won't believe how easy a car is to wash with Body Wrap on it, until you try it yourself.

Rim Sealant, while not totally revolutionary in theory, is pretty amazing too. There has been wheel sealants around for ages, and this acts in a similar fashion - except for two (major) differences. Firstly, it repels water and dirt much, much better. Secondly, and more importantly, instead of lasting 5 or 6 washes, it lasts 5 or 6 months. Cleaning the wheels while Rim Sealant is present couldn't be any easier. No need for wheel cleaners or degreasers - just a hose down will do it in most cases.

Glass Guard - well, the best way to describe Glass Guard is a replacement for your windscreen wipers. Once you're going over about 30kmph, the water immediately repels from the glass and leaves a crystal clear window. It has been reported to last for up to 9 months per application. I've had it on test for 6 months, and it is still as good as the day of application.

Our new Nano Enhancement Detail combines our usual Enhancement Detail, with all the advantages of the Wolf Chemical Nano Technology range. A brief run down of the process would be as follows;

Wash Stage
- Rinse down with warm water (approx 60 degrees)
- Tyres & wheel arches cleaned using Meguiar's Super Degreaser
- Wheels Cleaned using Meguiar's Wheel Brighteners / Wolf Deironizer
- Snow Foam using Meguiar's Hyperwash and warm water
- Plastics, badges and window rubbers cleaned using Meguiar's APC & specialist brushes
- Paintwork and glass washed with a lambswool mitt, Meguiar's Hyperwash - using the two bucket method
- Paintwork dried using a soft, mega plush drying towel.

Prep Stage
- Paintwork and glass clayed
- One stage machine polish to restore gloss and depth to paintwork

Finishing Stage
- Rim Sealant applied to each wheel (incl spare, if applicable)
- Tyres & wheel arches dressed
- Glass Guard applied to all exterior glass
- Interior glass cleaned as normal
- Body Wrap applied to all exterior paintwork, as well as door jambs.

An after care kit consisting of Wolf Chemical Nano Bathe and Wolf Chemical Reparation will be provided on collection of the car, as well as thorough instructions on how best to care for the new finish. The after care kit is valued at €39.90, but provided free of charge with every Nano Enhancement Detail.

Prices for a Nano Enhancement Detail start @ €250 incl VAT. It takes 5 - 7 hours to complete.

NB - We're booking into the end of October / beginning of November already, so if you want the detail completed this side of the bad weather, don't hesitate to get in touch.
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