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Welcome along - sweet car. Have the sport kit for my own sitting at home waiting to be sprayed - makes a huge difference to the look of the E46.

How are you finding the car, you have it chipped yet or are you going to leave it stock?

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Cheers folks! Yeah nice site alright, good to see its getting more members. I'll have to get the bro to sign up as well he's hoping to buy a 99 Z3M at the weekend.

Yeah the M kit makes a good diffference to the look of the car alright, and the fact its rare in white was a bonus. Seen it and just had to have it cos she's fully loaded from the factory...Leather, Climate, Alu trim, suspension etc. Havent got it chipped yet although it aint far off...I could do with more power!!

So what are ye driving? Might have seen some of ye around at some of the BMW trackdays in the past....
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