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Just in case any of you's fancy the spin.

All comers welcome.

From 1pm onwards in the Titanic Quarter Belfast

Here is the location for your route planners/sat navs.,-5.907206&hl=en&num=1&vpsrc=0&t=h&z=19.


1. Wayne
2. aido e46
3. Rob?
4. Marlow
5. jbbalatian?
6. Cambo?
7. Nial320d
8. ImolaZed
9. Northernmonkey?
10. DavyB
11. Falcon
12. Michael320?
13. AliA
14. CDE60


Guys I did a quick reccie of this car park today.

The one we used before has been cordened off so please use the car park adjacent. You cant miss it, its right beside the orginal one.

These car parks have now become pay and display car parks, since the last time we used them, so bring a couple of quid sterling with you's to put in the meter to save any hassle from traffic wardens etc.

See you's all tomorrow. 8)

BTW Both Goliath cranes have been parked right behind the car park so a great photo opportunity as well. 8)

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ah ya sure see wat the rest say ...i just want to hear the m5 again :eek: how long would it take to get to belfast from drogheda with the new motorway ??
1 - 20 of 207 Posts