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Was looking at getting an Octavia (2016/2017) but after driving a 3 series I'm loving it- simply a step up in comfort, something you look forward to driving rather than a solid sensible car (Octavia).
Budget €22k, if less would be happy. Looking for petrol automatic, ideally some way economical, There's many different variations of the 3 series so what would you recommend please?
A lot of trips would be short, under 5km (school, shops, sport etc.) so the PHEV could make sense. Some people though slate PHEV, say they wouldn't touch them. For anyone who has/had a PHEV, what are you opinions on it please?

I like this (would prefer leather and lower mileage) and this. I'm not bothered with a sportier drive etc. so should that rule the M Sport out?

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