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Hi guys,

you get two write-ups for the price of one here! The paint on these cars were polar opposites, the Porsche having nice hard German paint and the Jaguar having challenging Land Rover paint!

I didn't get too many in-process photos, so this will short and sweet!

Starting with the Porsche - It was tidy coming in, but not detailed so prepping started with good steam cleansing of the seals, trim, door handles and all gaps around the lights, bumpers etc. The very base of the soft top also had some mildew gathering as a green bloom.

Products: Natural bristle brush, G101, 160degree dry vapour steam.

The soft-top was lightly agitated before using the steam cleaner to charge up the G101 cleaning power. Then the shampoo-extractor was used to suck up deeply embedded dirt and debris.

Followed by a deep steam cleaning to rejuvenate the surface and remove any remaining oil-based marks.

The paint was de-tox'd as usual with successive alkaline, acidic & ph neutral washes. Tar was removed with Tar X.

I moved the car inside to do the wheels and steam-clean the wheel arches. This was because I wanted to coat them with thoroughly with CQuartz while they were off, and I didn't want to get any fresh coats wet when I washed the wheel-wells on the other side of the car.

Before :

While the nuts were off -


A few co-ordinates for later...

De-badged -

Paint inspection showed the usual swirls and both abrasive and compression scratches. It also revealed the bonnet and bumper had been re-sprayed. The drivers door had an unusual amount of haze in one particular spot.

Interior also got a light detail - just a quick shampoo and odour treatment as there was an incident with the interior getting wet and causing a damp smell!

Leather was treated with the Dr Leather Wipes (grand for fast tidy up of light soiling)

i did the odour treatment once the polishing was done...

So I could then put the top down to let all mist escape and get a few photos!

Same prepping process for this next car, a Jaguar XK 4.2.

The jag was raked several times through auto car washes in its life with a previous owner. Cars this wide simply do not fit in the car washes! And with the soft paint on this car, the marks were much deeper than they would be on a German car.

I knew there was going to be a lot of polishing with this (lots of dust, etc) so I taped up a lot of the seals and trim.

I couldn't resist adding teeth to the gnarl....

The guys in are authorised resellers of BriteMax metal polish. Its very good stuff on the pipes...

Like the Porsche, 3 coats of CQuartz were applied to the Jaguar XK.


Thanks for reading. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to ask.

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