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Hi everyone,

My first post here so: a big "hello"

I have a 2007 e90 316i for the past 2 months. 60k miles, clean, drives perfectly. There is one problem I can not pinpoint myself tho.

I ll try to describe the symptoms as best as I can:

-Engine on / car stopped, idling / stab the throttle and you’ll hear and feel a rattle/shaking from the back of the engine area.
If you accelerate slowly, no rattle.
When the car is stopped, issue is the same in neutral or in gear, same with clutch engaged or not.

-Same when turning the engine on (hot or cold), you can feel/hear the rattle. Then the car idles without a noise.
-it is very obvious when in 2nd gear if you try to take off from very low rpm.

The clutch was changed 10k miles ago, gear changes are very smooth.
The engine is also operating normaly apart from the problem I described. No knocks or other parasite noise.

Car went for NCT a few days ago. It went through without any advisory.

I searched through a lot of forums, tried to find a similar thing on youtube: no luck.

The car is under warranty for another few weeks. I reproduced the issue to show the dealer.
But when I went to the garage I was referred to, the lads told me it was a bad bushing on one of the back wheel…
I am not a certified mechanic but at that stage I really wanted to tell the man to p#ss off

Has anyone experienced something like this?

Help ?

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If the bushing has sorted the problem, then great, but it sounds like a strange outcome for the symptoms you've described. If you have a warranty about to expire, then make sure you're happy that there is no residual problem that may point to something else.
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