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Rear light light seals?

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There's a little bit of green inside the edges of the rear light fittings of the e39 & e63. I tried removing the dirt using various methods but it's still not completely gone. I think I'm going to have to remove the lights to get the last of it out. Removing them is a handy enough job but I think the seals might not be as good afterwards.

Has anyone removed their rear light clusters without changing the seals? Have they leaked afterwards?
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i removed mine, no problems with the seals afterwards, the are only adhesive on the tail light side. The seals are very cheap to buy anyway if you wanted to do it.
Cheers for the reply, it looks like the seals are €25 each for the e63. The reason I ask the question because sometimes seals can stick on both sides of the seal even though they are only glued on one side, time & moisture can make them stick. I just don't want to remove them & rip the seal.
Was going to do the same on my E39, and was put off for the very same reason....never researched it in the end! :eek:

Did you get a price for the E39 seals?
I didn't get a price but quote about €5 each:

Left:63 21 6 911 695
Right: 63 21 6 911 696
(post Sept '00)

The e63 is quoted at €7 each:

Left: 63 21 7 207 499
Right: 63 21 7 207 500

I will have to re-investigate the actual pricing from the dealer next time I'm in there. I can't remember where I got that €25 price & if it was for a single gasket or a pair........I'll post back when I do.
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wine was an 02 e39 and the seals were fine.
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