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(First post is a collection of posts from another forum since I bought the car last week so it may read a little funny!)

Finally back in a BMW after an extended break from them :)

Picked up an E60 this weekend after selling my OPC Astra two weeks ago

No major plans as of yet as I'm still learning about the model

Here's the specs:

And a few crappy pictures for good measure (will get better pics soon when work calms down a bit, these are pics the previous owner sent me):

Any info, suggestions, etc. are more than welcome as I'm still learning :D

*So after a pain in the nuts trying to sort insurance I'm finally good to go :)

Car is booked in to FionnSport in Cork tomorrow for a full checkup and advice on any preventative maintenance that needs to be done

Everything going well with the car so far with the exception of the rear right light which comes and goes intermittently - think it's just a loose contact or loose bulb carrier but tomorrow's check should show up the issue.

Nothing serious though, removing the covering and pushing on the connector seems to sort the issue but it comes out again after a while driving, most likely due to bumps in the road

In Fionnsport for a checkup on the car - let's hope nothing too major is needed

*Outcome of the visit to FionnSport

Car needs the following bits done:
-Rear bulb holder recall
-Injector seals leaking
-Undershield missing
-Oil leak from boost pipe
-Alternator belt worn
-Slight leak from oil level sensor
-Guibo worn

Also appears that no communication could be made to the OBD. Has anyone come across this before? He will be looking into it the next day I'm up with him anyway

Happy enough there is no major issues as it's always a risk buying privately :)

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Quick Update

Got a mail from FionnSport during the week with an estimate of the work to be carried out

Time to start saving ?

Also spoke with Kearys yesterday and I have been booked in for this Thursday to get the rear bulb holder replaced and the battery terminal cover (?) replaced. Will be nice to get something free from BMW and have some extra bits to add to the car history

With the nice weather today I pulled the finger out and gave the car a quick wash



That ass ?

Check out those reflections ?

Usually I dread the first wash after buying a new car as that's when you discover all the imperfections. Gladly I was pleasantly surprised that it's an extremely clean example with very little imperfections

The only thing that needs doing is a respray on the front bumper which I was aware of when I bought the car as there is a little lacquer peel. It's not awful but I want it perfect :)

I also got new number plates fitted today but forgot to get a picture ?

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