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Hello ya'all. I am considering building a new sandrail and using a BMW motor. I realize this is not a common subject, but I will try to explain my situation and questions as clear as possible. While adding more info as suggestions are made. This sandcar will be used as a off-road duning car only. And as a "hobby", although I sometimes take this sport a little too seriously! I am not familiar with the real aspects of the BMW engines, and have no personal experience, but I like the quality, and want to do something completely different than everyone else. My choices will be a ,4 cyl. or 6 cyl. only. I prefer turbo. I want to use basically stock engine. My current setup is a turbocharged 2.5 Subaru that I personally built. E85 fuel and Haltech ECU. I want the engine as simple and reliable as possible. For starters, can anyone suggest a certain model and years engine for 250-300 hp and torque? Torque being more important to me than a hp number. I am open to external mods. (fuel, turbo, supercharger, etc.) The transaxles for this project is a whole other matter! My current buggy is mid engine, but if I start from scratch, I may build "rear engine".
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