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Well I got sick and tired of trying to photoshop out the chrome on my car to see what it would look like all black - and I didn't fancy spraying it because if I changed my mind halfway through, I'd messed up big time... So I saw some guy on eBay selling this black tape stuff for covering the chrome. Decided to source it myself from the States though...

I ordered a few rolls and see how it turned out. First thing was that it required a great deal of patience, constantly moving it and removing air bubbles. I also should have used a scalpel to cut it, but my finger nails and a scissors did the job.

It looks absolutely perfect from a metre away - the only area that lets it down is the rear quarter window trim, as it turns back on itself and makes life difficult. Spending a bit more time on this section might have made the finish better, but since its not going to be permanent for me, I didn't mind too much.

Anyway - am very happy with the results, can go ahead and order the shadowline trim now in confidence - thought I'd share the pics. This stuff would probably be perfect for E30 / E34 owners where the chrome isn't as thick near the rear of the car. Wouldn't recommend it to E46 owners as a permanent solution...

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