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Shanes E36 318 iS

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Fitted front splitter today (thanks ken for ripping me off:D ) and did a quick detail on the front wings and bonnet (used clay block, chemical guy all in one polish and 2 layers of petes 53 wax...)
I found the clayblock excellent as there were tonnes of contaminents on the paint work! car is def giving off a better shine...edit must buy a decent camera and find a better place to take pics:)
Other mods include replica m3 mirrors (big thanks to ken and dave for them) and german style plates with surrounds..oh and clubsport gearknob which is an excellent mod!


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Thanks lads! Still cant get the majority of the swirl marks out which is really annoying...probably needs to be machine week ill have to detail the rest of the car, fit the m3 diffuser, change diff oil and replace thermostat:rolleyes: think ill be holding on to the wheels they look so well when the car is clean
I'll be getting rid of the contours when I start playing with the E36!
Lovely give me a shout if/when you decide to get rid of them!
Angel Eyes

Bought a set of angel eyes off Barry (bb1) before Christmas and left the car in with the lads at AC Cars yesterday. So i picked her up today and i must say its a huge improvement over the standard lights. Big thanks to Barry and Richie:D And thanks for washing the car too!:) Next on the agenda is to pick up my new steering wheel on Monday and fit it and try and fix the heater valve thats knackered....


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Steering Wheel

Well i finally received my steering wheel today. It came from a M3 evo up north so i fitted it today as well. Nice improvement from my 3 spoke "sports" wheel. For some reason the car seems more responsive when i connected the battery back-any reason why this is? is it possible that i was driving in granny mode beforehand? :eek: anyway heres a few pics.


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The ECU will have reset itself, it learns your driving style and now its forgotten it always feels more responsive.
Thanks makes sense! Must do it more often:)
I just found an engineering shop which modify the m44 to 250 bhp with NO forced induction, I dare ya :D
Id prob be able to get a clean m3 for the cost though :)
Thanks lads! I'll be doing my second detail sometime next week and hopefully i'll have a set of wheels by then too
Jesus theres some shine off her-hopefully mine will look like that this weekend if I get the time!!
Well that took me a good 6-7 hours to do. Next week i have a bit of time off so providing the weather is ok ill be spending 2 days on her and the e46:)
The end is in sight!

Finally bought myself a set of wheels off another member here! I'll let the pics do the talking.
The day i bought the car and mods today.


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Id love to lower it a bit more but i live beside pretty nasty ramps so id be afraid of catching the wheels and front bumper...Also i just bought a brand new set of PS2's for the rear so i need to stop spending money!
have you gotten the swipe card for the staff carpark door in work yet shane?

i used to have one (didnt have my name on it mind you)
nope apparently theres a 6 yr waiting list! do you still have it?!!
I say lower it, an Eibach pro kit will give it a nice subtle drop. I go over those ramps quite a bit and they're fine. Sure i had the E36 with coilovers go over them fine. Just gotta go slowly. I say do it ;)

Car looks great btw!
grand i'll be in touch with you next week then:)
Hmmmm im unsure now as to dropping her...when the car is parked on level ground it doesnt look as bad...the front needs a drop but i can see rubbing issues if the rear is lowered...i had 3 people in the back last night and it was rubbing! So suggestions please :) i was thinking of putting a eibach pro kit on her but this will definately cause rubbing no?


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Same here, i put 245's on the back of mine, if you sort out the arches then theres no problem.
Is yours lowered Phil? Lovely more money to spend on her:(
Be worth it, providing your keeping it for the next while.
Will probably be gone by Sept!
Ive mine lowered. Its a black E36 so it will be a good comparsion to yours if ya want to see it. Mind you, I do have to think about ramps and undergrounds now
Very true. I need to use a multi storey car park everyday for college so could be an issue!
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