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Shanes E36 318 iS

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Fitted front splitter today (thanks ken for ripping me off:D ) and did a quick detail on the front wings and bonnet (used clay block, chemical guy all in one polish and 2 layers of petes 53 wax...)
I found the clayblock excellent as there were tonnes of contaminents on the paint work! car is def giving off a better shine...edit must buy a decent camera and find a better place to take pics:)
Other mods include replica m3 mirrors (big thanks to ken and dave for them) and german style plates with surrounds..oh and clubsport gearknob which is an excellent mod!


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Looks fantastic mate - black always looks so welll when its all waxed up !
Id love to lower it a bit more but i live beside pretty nasty ramps so id be afraid of catching the wheels and front bumper...Also i just bought a brand new set of PS2's for the rear so i need to stop spending money!
I say lower it, an Eibach pro kit will give it a nice subtle drop. I go over those ramps quite a bit and they're fine. Sure i had the E36 with coilovers go over them fine. Just gotta go slowly. I say do it ;)

Car looks great btw!
It looks super :cool:

Try going down the ramps at an angle.
1 - 3 of 195 Posts
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