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Hey everyone new to the forum so thought I'd say hi, I drive a1997 2.8L e36 Mora drop top, manual converted with a m50 intake manifold installed, I also have to install e46 330 big brakes & a fabricator to build me a exhaust system (unsure what size to go etc) just lowered it on adjustable suspension today (24th/12 Merry
X-Mas to me) but need wider wheels Nd a better et as there rubbing, I had to put 9mm worth of washers behind the front wheel bolts 😶🤦‍♂️😅.
But I'm here trying to look for parts outside of new Zealand to ship to New Zealand I have a convertible so really wanting a hard top, aswell as lsd, m3 itbs, etc, etc.... the list goes on.

Add me on Instagram for better contact.
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