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Hi guys,

Over the Winter, I am doing a slight change to my business hours. I will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.15 to 5.45.

Although on Saturday, if its a quiet day I might leave at 5. :rolleyes:

The reason for this is that a lot of people have been calling about collecting products or making appointments to get a paint correction quote, etc and I have not always been available at the weekend.

But good customer service is a very high priority so if I need to make myself more available to people, then so be it. Hardly anybody calls in on a Monday anyway so I'm delighted to have an extra day with my little miss sunshine - thats my bonus! :D

As always, I recommend that you give me a quick call or text before you drop in on spec as I can sometimes be delivering a car back, etc.

For products, best-sellers are Iron X wheel & paint decontamination products and now the Dr Leather cleaner is proving very successful. Very good feedback on it and with good reason. ;)

Look forward to seeing you in Leixlip. :)

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