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Cross post from t'other BMW site ...

I've just had my SMG Clutch replaced in my 330ci, after the replacement did the transmission teach-in, the clutch actuation teach-in and bled the hydraulic system all in Rheingold. Everything's working perfectly, no slip, naturally a lot more power than when I had a clutch which did slip but I've got a new quirk I can't figure out.

The SMG's giving a non-stop beep when I start the engine. I park with the SMG in R, or C depending on my mood and have to put it to neutral when cranking the engine. Going into Neutral, no worries, you can hear it snick into place, no errors on the dash - and then when starting it it gives out a non stop beeping (Same as the cold weather beep) without stopping until I put it back into gear, and then everything's fine again. No errors are stored in the car to indicate a fault.

The handbrake was adjusted and I know the SMG needs a lot of sensors like the bonnet ones to register as closed, handbrake etc, but the handbrake illumination dash light when pulling it up and letting it down is perfect so I don't believe that's causing it.

As I said, everything's working absolutely perfectly apart from the beeping. Any ideas?
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